Minister Monckeberg says that the constituent process “will be part of President Piñera’s legacy”

The Minister of the Segpres, Christian Monckeberg, referred to the Plebiscite of next October 25 and stated that the constituent process “it is going to be part of President Piñera’s legacy ”.

In conversation with the program Central Table of Canal 13, the Secretary of State said that “the government institutionally assumes the challenge of pushing this car, It is going to be part of the legacy of President Piñera, of the government, this entire constituent process ”.

The former deputy also recognized that although in his sector the process was not “wanted at the beginning”, he pointed out that “conditions changed. What do we do? Stand idly by or do it right? You have to do it well ”.

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In turn, Monckeberg commented on the 2/3 rule in the eventual drafting of the new Constitution, stating that she “It seeks to achieve consensus, not for one to put his foot on the other”, and added that “what is sought is not to entrench in 1/3 ″.

Along the same lines, the Minister of the Segpres stated that “the final text of a new Constitution should be approved by 2/3 in a convention”.

On the other hand, Monckeberg considered that it will be difficult to define the rules that will govern a Constituent Convention in the event that it is the winning option, ensuring that “I think the most difficult thing is going to be to approve the regulations, more than the Constitution.”

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