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Minister of Culture points out opportunities for companies in the event sector to get support for overcoming the Covid-19 crisis – Society and Politics – News

As Inga Vasiljeva, Adviser to the Minister of Culture, informed LETA, Puntulis met today with representatives of companies to discuss issues related to the industry and their possible solutions.

The Minister considers that during the meeting all the issues mentioned in the letter of the association were discussed – both the inclusion of NACE codes corresponding to the sector in various support mechanisms and the regulations of the State Cultural Capital Fund program “Sustainability of Cultural Institutions Affected by Covid-19” were discussed and explained. and support for non-governmental organizations.

“I called for a representative of the association to be delegated to the Advisory Board of Event Organizers and Private Producers of Events of the Ministry of Culture so that the industry would be actively involved in all binding decisions. During the meeting we also discussed the support mechanisms developed and implemented by the Ministry of Economy,”

Agris Galiņš, a member of the Board of SIA “3S”, has appreciated the personal involvement of the Minister in solving the problems of companies in the sector. He emphasized that many questions had been answered and that the specificities of the sector had been taken into account in the various decisions on cultural support mechanisms.

“However, taking into account the wide range of our industry – we are service providers, manufacturers and traders, we have not reached a consensus on all issues. We will definitely continue the dialogue,” Galiņš noted.

Agri Galiņš, Aldis Janēvics and Valerija Makrekovs were delegated to a meeting with the Minister of Culture and State Secretary Dacis Vilsons by the Latvian Association of Technical Support Companies.

LETA has already reported that yesterday more than 200 representatives of the technical support companies of the Latvian event industry had come to the Ministry of Culture to protest against the lack of support for the employees of the industry.

Normunds Eilands, the head of the Latvian Association of Technical Support Companies, previously told LETA that the aim is to draw the attention of not only the government but also the public that events are created not only by artists, but also by technical support staff. “Because hardware companies work in the shadows, this is the time when we can make a difference because we don’t know if we will survive,” Eiland said.

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