Minister Penny Mordaunt confronted the former foreign rescuer on charges of "hushing up" victims of charitable sexual abuse


A former foreign rescuer has accused Penny Mordaunt of "hushing up" the victims of sexual abuse of charity yesterday – as it turned out that taxpayers are delivering charity disgrace even more money.
Alexia Pepper de Cairns raided the stage during a summit, while the assistant secretary and the rising star of Tory turned to the delegates.
Universal News (Europe) Former foreign rescuer Alexia Pepper de Cairns rushed to the stage to face Penny Mourdant because of the "silence" of sexual abuse victims. He told the Cabinet Minister that he was "disgusted" dishonored that Save the Children had received an advisory role on a global panel to deal with sexual harassment, as they are still under investigation by the Charity Commission to cover alleged sexual abuse.
Ms. Pepper de Caires, former informant of Save the Children, told Ms Mordaunt: "This platform is not for you today, it's for people who do this."
Ms. Mordaunt had summoned the world summit in central London to discuss new initiatives to identify sexual parasites in the aid sector.
Mrs. Pepper de Caires said she protested because she believed that women who had been more explicit about abuses in the aid sector had been excluded from the organizers of the conference.
Getty – Assistant secretary of contributor Penny Mordaunt revealed that Oxfam and Save the Children were given cash despite promising to put a funding cap. He said: "The signs were that a number of women who had been more radical about what was happening were not being reached.
"I always thought that this conference had to be much more than a shiny and polished piece for the cameras and the press to say that all the right things were done.
"It's dishonest, it's ineffective and will not lead to changes."
A few minutes later, Mordaunt revealed that Oxfam and Save the Children had been given cash abroad despite promising to put a thorn on funding following allegations of covering sexual abuse in the industry.
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He said he received money as part of the humanitarian recovery work in Indonesia after the tsunami.
But he told the Sun he had not personally donated directly to the two disgraced charity organizations after the shocking sexual abuse scandal at the start of this year.
Ms Mordaunt added: "I think people will have to decide for themselves whether to donate".
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