World Minister says it is "inconceivable" seizure of Bolsonaro's mobile...

Minister says it is “inconceivable” seizure of Bolsonaro’s mobile phone

“O request for seizure of the mobile phone of the President of the Republic is inconceivable and, to some extent, unbelievable. If effective, it would be an affront to the maximum authority of the executive power and an unacceptable interference from another power, in the privacy of the President of the Republic and in the institutional security of the country “, said Heleno in a statement.

The note added that “the GSI of the Presidency of the Republic warns the constituted authorities that such an attitude is an evident attempt to compromise the harmony between the powers and may have unpredictable consequences for national stability “.

Judge Celso de Mello of the Supreme Federal Court sent to the Attorney General’s Office on Thursday (PGR) judicial requests made by political parties, which include the seizure of the mobile phone in Jair Twitter.

The requests were submitted by the Democratic Labor Party (PDT), Green Party (PV) and Brazilian Socialist Party (PSB).

The parties argued for a more thorough investigation effective about an alleged attempt of political interference by the Brazilian President in the Federal Police.

Among the diligences pointed out by the parties are requests for Jair Twitter give testimony and seizure of your mobile phoneas well as the mobile phone of one of his sons, Carlos Twitter.

There are also requests for expertise in cell phones of the formerdirectorGeneral of the Federal Police, Mauritius Valeixo, former Minister of Justice and Public Security Sergio Moro, and the federal deputy (member of themara parliamentary low) Carla Zambelli.

In the decision that sent the requests to the PGR, Judge Celso de Mello assessed that “the unavailability of the claim investigative of the State, therefore, prevents organs competent publics ignore what is pointed out in the ‘notitia criminis‘ [notícia-crime em latim]”.

The same magistrate argued that “it is essential to counting of the facts revealed whatever the people may be allegedly involved, even if it is someone with authority in the hierarchy of the Republic “.

Now, it will be up to the Attorney General, Augusto Aras, to analyze whether will adopt the requested procedures and there is no legal deadline for assessing the case.

The requests for investigation were prompted by a complaint by ex-minister Sergio Moro, who publicly stated that Jair Twitter dismissed the former head of the Federal Police Mauritius Valeixo because he was interested in having someone close to command the Brazilian federal police force.

Moro also suggested that Twitter intended to interfere politically in investigations carried out by the corporation on the same day it announced its resignation, at the end of April.

The ex-minister raised the suspicion that the Brazilian head of state tried to interfere with the Federal Police to obtain information about confidential investigations in inquiries involving his children and close allies.

Already Twitter denied having practiced any political interference in that organ police and accused the former minister of pressuring him to occupy a seat of judge in the Supreme Court, which will remain vacant in November.

Moro’s statements led the PGR Brazilian government to request an investigation to investigate the complaints, which is in progress and has Judge Rapporteur Celso de Mello.

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