Business Ministry: No new national corona measures, possibly regional ...

Ministry: No new national corona measures, possibly regional NOW

The growing number of corona infections is not yet a reason, according to the Ministry of Health, to reintroduce corona measures, a spokesperson told the Tuesday WE. Measures at regional level may follow at a later date.

Earlier in the day, the National Institute for Public Health (RIVM) announced that 987 people had been tested positive for the coronavirus last week. A week earlier, 534 were involved.

The increase does not immediately mean that measures will be taken again at national level. There would be national consultation between the ministries and mayors about possible local measures by municipalities.

“We will continue to monitor developments and appropriate regional action could possibly be taken,” the spokesperson told the WE. However, extra attention must be paid to keeping a distance of 1.5 meters and avoiding busy places. “

According to the ministry, an increase in the number of infections with the COVID-19 virus was to be expected, because many measures were relaxed on 1 June.

RIVM also informs that the sharp increase in the number of infections does not necessarily mean that the relaxations must be reversed. However, a spokesperson calls the increase a “worrying” development.

Mayor of Leiden: ‘Hillegom is close to local lockdown’

There is an increase in South Holland, North Holland and Zeeland in particular. There are 96 local outbreaks across the country. In most cases it concerns people from the same household, but in Hillegom 28 infections can be linked to a café.

Leiden mayor Henri Lenferink leaves as chairman of the Hollands Midden security region Broadcaster West know that they can still contain the virus there and that it is still too limited for regional measures.

“But the problem is there. If it is not possible to keep things under control in Hillegom, then you may have to take measures in Hollands Midden, part of it, or perhaps part of Kennemerland,” said Lenferink .

According to the mayor, however, all infections can still be traced back to a person who is infected. If this is no longer the case, relaxations may be reversed. “We are going back a bit at a regional lockdown when the measures were the most stringent.”



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