Ministry of Culture does not accredit 190 million pesos

The Ministry of Culture during 2019 contracted three outsourcing for 190 million pesos, resources that were not duly accredited, in addition to the fact that their final destination of 72 million is unknown, reported the Superior Audit of the Federation (ASF).

Additionally, it indicates that Culture irregularly paid 727 million 867 thousand pesos in fiscal year 2018 without having authorization to do so; Also, he indicated that he paid 84 million for unauthorized places, nor did he verify the payment of services for 675 million.

Meanwhile, for the National Reconstruction Program, the Ministry of Culture did not deliver the resources to the beneficiary states on time, so 194 million could not be exercised.

The federal agency adds a thousand 707 million 149 thousand pesos that are pending clarification.

In response to the report, the Ministry of Culture justified, through a statement, that the current health emergency presented a challenge for the delivery of documentation to the ASF and that it is already working on strengthening and improving various internal control mechanisms.


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