Ministry of Education’s proposal for the 2023 school calendar includes days of Transgender Visibility, Sexual Health and the Month of Memory and Democracy

Last Friday, November 18, the General Education Division of the Mineduc delivered to the Regional Ministerial Secretariats the guidelines regarding the school calendar for 2023, where aspects related to commemorations that imply a shift from previous years were included, such as the suggestion of adding the days of Transgender Visibility and Sexual Health as “outstanding” dates.

Despite the fact that the delivery of the “School Calendar” that each Seremi must have in its region is still pending, and that the document in question corresponds to a kind of preliminary “guide”, from the portfolio the provisions are highlighted as “the general criterion that guides the preparation of regional calendars”.

In the same way, it ensures that “each educational community will define which of these dates will be relevant at the different educational levels and in what way. For some of them, guidelines will be prepared that will be made available to the educational communities.

The proposal is that these commemorations be integrated into the regular curricular spaces”, they stand out.

The guidelines delivered from the portfolio, in any case, were not exempt from questioning, since right-wing parliamentarians came out to reproach the exclusion of dates such as those referring to the commemorations of the Day of the Carabinero or the Armed Forces, even when in guidelines of years previous Mineduc had not been included either. In the previous administration, last year, for example, dates to be commemorated in general were incorporated and while this year the guidelines include dozens of acts, in 2021 they only cited seven.

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Along these lines, former Defense Minister and former Carabinero Mario Desbordes, who wrote on his social networks: “Minister of Education must give an explanation: they remove Carabinero Day from the school calendar. And they add several to the taste of the government coalition. You didn’t learn anything from the 4S, the country is not yours! It rules for everyone, not for your lot! Tremendous example of sectarianism”.

In the same vein, the deputy Hotuiti Teao, along with officiating the portfolio to give explanations, stated that “it is unpresentable that the Ministry of Education has eliminated the commemoration of Carabinero Day in the 2023 School Calendar, an instance that was considered in previous years. The government has plenty of words of good upbringing for the forces of public order, but support with concrete facts NOTHING”.

Due to these questions, the Undersecretary of Education clarified, in the first point, “that these correspond to general guidelines and not to the School Calendar of each regionwhose preparation is the exclusive responsibility of the Seremi, which must inform both the communities and the Ministry of Education when they prepare it”.

Secondly, they added, “it must be categorically clarified that Carabinero Day has not been withdrawn, since in the guidelines sent in 2021, during the previous administration, it was not indicated either. This does not mean, in any case, that that day will not be on the School Calendars, and even less that it will not be commemorated in the establishments.

Among other innovations that stand out in the guidelines sent to the Regional Ministerial Secretariats, the incorporation of greater instances of meeting and reflection that educational communities should carry out is also included.

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Thus, in addition to holding educational reunion days and pedagogical conferences, It is proposed to advance in days of non-sexist education and in the commemoration of the Month of Memory and Democracy.

The first, as detailed, aims to “continue advancing in the participatory process for the design of the bill that will give way to the National Policy for Education in Comprehensive Affectivity and Sexuality and continue the reflection process started this year in the educational communities ”. During 2023, it is specified, they will invite three new conferences, “for which we will provide guidelines and dates for their development.”

And the second, it is made explicit, has to do with the commitment acquired during this year regarding training “for an active, critical and reflective citizenry”. Therefore, the educational communities of the country are invited “to commemorate the Month of Memory and Democracy, through pedagogical actions focused on historical memory, democracy and human rights, as a universal framework of respect for human dignity in all circumstances.

They also state that “Considering that September 11, 1973 is a milestone (50 years) that marks the last breakdown of democracy with the coup d’état, it is proposed that educational communities carry out curricular activities related to this commemoration for a month.”

*This note was modified after its publication since it was wrongly pointed out that the Day of the Carabinero, the FACh and the Glories of the Army would be excluded from the 2023 school calendar.

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