Ministry of Health reported 6,464 new cases of Covid-19 in Mexico

The Health Secretary Federal reported on Monday, January 4, 6,464 new confirmed cases of infections of Covid-19 throughout the country, as well as 544 new deaths.

The official number of accumulated infections in Mexico amounted to 1 million 455,219; while the number of total deaths reached 127,757.

At a press conference at the National Palace, Ruy López Ridaura, general director of the National Center for Preventive Programs and Disease Control (Dinner), said that since the beginning of the epidemic in our country, 3 million 6,464 people have been analyzed using a PCR diagnostic test with a current percentage of 42% positivity.

It indicated that of the 30,292 general beds for seriously ill patients Covid-19, 51% (15,419) are employed, mainly in Mexico City with 85%; State of Mexico with 81%; Hidalgo with 77% Guanajuato with 77%; Nuevo León with 71%; Baja California with 62%; Morelos with 58% Puebla with 57%; Querétaro with 56% and Sonora with 50 percent.

Of the 10,185 beds with mechanical ventilators for critical Covid-19 patients, 45% (4,583) are occupied, mainly in: Mexico City with 85%; State of Mexico with 79%; Nuevo León with 64% and Baja California with 59 percent.

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