16:53 –

| The vicinity of Curanilahue have been inspection points in the Province of Arauco

13:54 –

| Mayor of Independence, Gonzalo Durán: “Remember that we are in a total quarantine stage and, therefore, invite us to celebrate an 18th as a family, responsibly, calmly.”

13:55 –

| President Piñera in his message from La Moneda: “I invite you to celebrate these National Holidays with joy, commitment and as a family. I ask you to do so taking care of our health” #CooperativaEnCasa

13:22 –

| “Today they have joined to be inspectors as inspectors of the health authority under commission of service: they will be helping us to control these National Holidays in their communes, because they are the ones who know their territory best, they know what the points of their agglomeration will be , where should we be to monitor and prevent the creation of diners, clandestine parties “, explained the seremi Paula Labra

11:33 –

| Inspections on Route 68 will include drone patrols, arranged by the Municipality of Viña del Mar, which will support the work of the police authorities in the control of vehicles that travel on the road that connects Santiago and Valparaíso

10:07 –

| Given the criticism and doubts and after several clarifications, the Government defined that the plan apply only in communes that are between phases 2 and 5 of the “Step by step” plan, excluding those that are in quarantine: there are currently 48 in confinement , and from 05:00 hours this Friday, another six will be added


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