Miracle in feathers: the most beautiful supermodels on the planet have been illuminated on the show Victoria & # 39; s 2018

In newYork One of the most anticipated events in the fashion world took place: the Victoria's secret lingerie show. The most beautiful supermodels on the planet descended on the catwalk during a light show, demonstrating seductive lace tricks. This year the brand angel wings tried the supermodels Bella and Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Adriana File, Candice Swanepoel, Elsa Hosk, Sarah Sampayo, Behati Prinslu and other models.

In New York, one of the most anticipated events in the fashion world took place: the Victoria's secret lingerie show.view: REUTERS

The cost of the show for Victoria's secret was $ 12 million – and it was definitely worth it! After all, every show of "angels" is watched by billions of viewers, and the defile and its participants are then discussed in the media and social networks for a long time.

. The cost of the show for Victoria's secret was $ 12 million – and it was definitely worth it!view: REUTERS

The intimate fashion of this season shows us the same trends that we see in clothes: the designers of the brand have added a new collection of checked fabrics, floral prints, extravagant years' 90, the brilliance of space, the luxury of baroque and the practicality of sport.

The models played on the theme of space.view: REUTERS

The underwear has clearly become more functional: comfortable leggings have appeared in the collection, there are more models of sporty style, but has not lost its sexuality.

Baroque luxury is a fashion.view: REUTERS

The "angels" of Victoria's secrets descended from heaven to earth and turned into ordinary modern girls, always in a hurry, with a million cases in the program that would not have walked around the boudoir with garter and peignoir with feathers without reason.

Victoria's secret angels have become more sporting.view: REUTERS

Hadid's sisters set the tone for the show: the twenty-two-year-old Bella and the 23-year-old Gigi, the daughters of the multimillionaire Mohammed Hadid and supermodels Yolanda Hadid have tried checkered bras and panties and seductive rhinestone lingerie.

for a pair years, the Hadid sisters have become style icons and the most popular models in the world – not least thanks to Instagram: millions of fans have signed up for their accounts.

Kendall Jenner (in the middle).view: REUTERS

Last year, Gigi Hadid was unable to attend Victoria's secret show, which took place at Shanghai: the girl did not have a Chinese visa. This time he recovered the lost time and lit up on the podium with a special pleasure.

Gigi Hadidview: REUTERS

In the show of 2018, he got the heaviest costume: Gigi contaminated by the "language" in a design similar to a multicolored parachute.

Gigi Hadidview: REUTERS

Even in the case of her sister, Bella was not without scandals. On the eve of the show, Bella Hadid published some photos on Instagram and announced that after the marathon of diets and workouts it is at the height of her form. But the followers thought the girl looked too thin – and criticized her ribs, attacking through the skin. Bella, in response, wrote that a different type of body responded differently to a healthy diet.

In Instagram, Bella has been criticized for being too thin.view: EST NEWS

Hadid's sister was the highest paid model on the planet Kendall Jennar: younger sister Kim Kardashian earns $ 22 million a year (according to Forbes). After Victoria's secret show, Kendall will surely add tens of thousands more. Kendall also walked on the catwalk in a Scottish cage, and in the finale of the show she dressed in black lingerie.

Kendall Jennerview: REUTERS

The main novelty of this year was the departure of model Adriana Lima: the 37 year-old Brazilian has announced that she is about to finish her career in Victoria's secret, and this is her last show. But he could still walk along the catwalk: during the show, Adriana was very good and did not lose at all the other younger girls.

37-year-old Adriana Lima has announced that she is finishing her career in Victoria's secret.view: REUTERS

Adriana was so excited that she burst into tears during the show. Lima, more than any other model, participated in Victoria's secret shows – she walked the catwalk for 19 years in a row, pausing only for her pregnancy.

Lima, more than any other model, participated in Victoria's secret shows – she walked the catwalk for 19 years in a row.view: REUTERS

"Dear Victoria, thank you for showing me the world, sharing your secrets and not just for giving me wings, but also for teaching me to fly," wrote a moving message of farewell to Victoria's secret on Instagram.

Adriana Lima officially greets Victoria's secret.view: REUTERS

Adriana is a good miracle – it could still be an "angel"!view: REUTERS

The honor of presenting the precious Fantasy bra – a million dollar worthy bra this year went to a 30 year old Swede Elsa Hosk. Demonstrating the precious bra is considered the crown in the career of any model – at some point Fantasy Bra was shown by Heidi Klum, Caroline Kurkova, Gisele Bundchen and other legends of the podium. This year's jewelry bra was made of silver, decorating it with 2100 diamonds. The Atelier Swarovski company created an exclusive jewel, it took 930 hours to produce it! By the way, after the show in Victoria's secret stores for the first time in the history of the brand, you can buy an exact copy of Fantasy Bra for $ 250.

The jewelry bra is made of silver and 2100 diamonds.view: REUTERS

Unfortunately, this year there were no Russians on the show, the supermodel Ekaterina Grigorieva, participated in the show last year, did not pass the casting. But in the team of "angels" it appeared new – Vinnie Harlow. The twenty-three Canadian model is sick of vitiligo, and it is precisely the light that turns on dark skin to become its highlight and has helped to become famous in the fashion world.

Winnie Harlow – a model with vitiligo.view: REUTERS

After the break, another Victoria secret veteran, Candice Swanepoel, is back on the podium. The model took part in the show just five months after the birth of her second child. 30 years native South Africa – one of the most recognizable models of the brand: with its blonde hair and blue eyes, it fits perfectly into the "angelic" concept.

Candice Swanepoel returned to the podium five months after the birth of her second child.view: REUTERS

Candice Swanepoel.view: REUTERS

The Bekhati Prinslu model is back in service after the second birth. Behati has participated in Victoria's secret perfection for nine consecutive years, but has spent the last two years on the "bench" – in the auditorium. At one time, the beauty took the groom, the musician Adam Levine, far from the Russian model of Anna. Anne Vyalitsyna. Now Adam and Behati have two daughters.

Bekhati Prinslu model.view: REUTERS

Rita Ora, The Chainsmokers, Shaun Mendez, Halsey, Bibi Rex, Kelsey Dancers and The Struts. The British pop star of Albanian descent Rita Ora went on the podium in black underwear.

Singer Rita Ora.view: REUTERS

Another star with Albanian roots – the American singer Bibi Rex – appeared in front of the audience in a bright pink costume.

Bibi Rex singer.view: REUTERS

Bibi Rexview: REUTERS

"Angels" and their wings.view: REUTERS

A true miracle in feathers!view: REUTERS

Show with the "angels" – the annual tradition of the brand.view: REUTERS

The show is watched by billions of spectators all over the world.view: REUTERS

The theme of space is revealed!view: REUTERS

The show turned out to be incendiary.view: REUTERS

The audience looked at the models in suspense.view: REUTERS

Beautiful girls in lingerie – what could be more beautiful?view: REUTERS


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