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According to the Mexican daily Excelsior, the woman was arrested when she tried to illegally cross the border with her daughters

Miriam's location has generated uncertainty in the last days. The Honduran emigrant Miriam Celaya, who was criticized on social networks for denouncing beans in a detention center in Tijuana, Mexico, was detained in a detention center in the United States and not under the protection of the authorities Mexican, as had been assured.

According to the Mexican media Excelsior, Miriam he was arrested when he tried to cross the border illegally with their daughters, this information refers to the journalist's Instagram account Nelssie Carrillo, who published it the Honduran woman was arrested in the box of Otay's sentinel.

The statements

"I know it's not a food force to feed a truth, and the truth is that the food they're giving here is fatal, just look at what they're giving in. Look at the ground beans, like you're feeding the pigs (pigs), and in no way, you must eat that food because otherwise we will die of hunger "

said the dissatisfied woman in front of the cameras of the DW en Español news portal.,

"The Honduran migrant who refused to eat beans and tortillas in a shelter in Tijuana, #ladyfrijoles is being held together with his two daughters by the immigration authorities in the port of Otay," the journalist said in his account.

"Mirian Celaya was arrested yesterday after attempting to illegally travel from Tijuana to the United States with the caravan of immigrants from Central America," he said.

For the moment, Miriam would be with the immigration authorities with two possible options: be repatriated to your country or seek asylum, since, after his statements, he received death threats in Mexico and Honduras.

Miriam Celay gained notoriety after declaring in front of the German chain Detusche Welle (DW) in Spanish, during a report, that the food (beans with tortillas) was for the "pigs".

These statements became viral and caused rejection, especially in Mexicans; the woman asked for forgiveness with tears in her eyes, an obvious anguish and was embarrassed, however, the damage was done to the Mexicans who attacked her and even threatened her.

These events generated concern in the migrant's family, so one of her sisters complained about Miriam's disappearance when she communicated for the last time on November 20th in the morning.

However, Detusche Welle (DW) in Spanish, a medium who followed the woman, reported hours after communicating with a senior Mexican official who confirmed that Miriam and her two daughters were under protection.

It remains only to await the confirmation of the US immigration authorities on the true location of Honduran women.



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