Miroslava Němcová: I publicly declare that Miloš Zeman is a traitor to our country

Although Prime Minister Andrej Babiš rejected any changes in the government, he still outraged some of the public and a number of politicians. “I find the President’s attack on the director of SÚKL, Mrs. Storová, disgusting. She is bound by the Civil Service Act, and the reason for her dismissal is not that she does not have the hand of the President and Russia. If Mr. Zeman wants to recall someone, I recommend the Chancellor without a check and a spokesman without education. ” for example, the chairwoman of TOP 09 Markéta Pekarová Adamová is clear.

A constitutional lawsuit against the president on the table again?

According to Senator Pavel Fischer, Miloš Zeman has no right to frame and influence the decisions of independent authorities. “The head of SÚKL allegedly has a bad opinion on the Russian vaccine, so it should be dismissed. Unheard of! I hope that the October elections will change the distribution of power in the House and that it will stop blocking the constitutional lawsuit against the president. “

Petr Borecký, STAN
“If Zeman wants to dismiss Minister of Health Jan Blatný and the director of SÚKL for refusing to vaccinate with vaccines without EMA registration, then he is behaving like a traitor and not like the president of the Czech Republic.
An evil, lying, vindictive old man who has been vaccinated himself with a certified Pfizer / Biontech vaccine. “

The chairman of the ODS thinks that the end of Minister Blatný should have been a reality long ago. “But not because of Sputnik. He can’t handle a pandemic, the numbers are catastrophic. On the contrary, the fact that he does not want to accept non-certified vaccines is good. “ adds Petr Fiala.

Can it give way to Russia’s and China’s business plans?

“Is it a preparation for a caretaker government directed by the Castle? Now it will be shown how much Andrej Babiš is a person who protects people’s health, and how much he can give in to the business interests of Russia and China, which are obviously defended by the president, “ thinks the vice-chairman of KDU-ČSL Jan Bartošek.

“Miloš Zeman has once again shown that he promotes the interests of” his “country, but it is not the Czech Republic.” Senator Jiří Drahoš shakes his head.

Zeman never tried to be an authority

Senator Miroslava Němcová even called Miloš Zeman a traitor to our country and found five other things, because of which, according to her, the man is not in the right place. Here are her six points.

  • I publicly declare that Miloš Zeman is a traitor to our country.
  • His actions and alliance with Andrej Babiš lead to the disintegration of Czech society.
  • He never showed an effort to be the authority that unites, he never missed the opportunity to be a parrot who destroys and breaks.
  • His motivation is not the interest of society, its chances for recovery and prosperity. His interest is to return to Eastern order, the tool is to incite hatred.
  • It belongs to the dark side of the history of our country, it is one of the most repulsive figures. He surrounds himself with them and gains power from them to destroy constitutional principles, to personal revenge, to promote high treason interests in favor of Russia and China.
  • Eight years before his term passed two days ago. Eight years of bourgeoisie, anger and destruction of everything that constitutes a “higher principle”, everything that does not serve his interests. Nobody celebrated the anniversary. There is nothing.

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