Mirror of her father and a mother without a nanny court: Zarzuela’s plan for Leonor, the Heiress of the 21st century

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It is impossible to know the conversations that the Borbón Ortiz family kept at lunches in the dining room Pavilion of the Prince of Zarzuela. But it can be said that much of what the daughter of the Kings learns as heir comes from those family talks at home. The example as best practice. And Leonor has seen in her father what it means to take over a throne in crisis and revitalize it along the path of exemplarity and the legal path of the Constitution. Felipe VI is the mirror in which Leonor he looks at himself, and with him he has learned that there are certain behaviors that cannot be tolerated.

The Princess of Asturias is aware of the crisis that the Royal family due to the attitudes of Don Juan Carlos, which made him abdicate in 2014 and abandon Spain in August 2020. And with example and words Don Felipe shows him the way. It is known that the Heiress was at his father’s side during the institutional speech on October 3, 2017. He has also been present over the years at the recording of the speech Christmasand in the institutional events they share it is common to see Felipe VI explaining details to Leonor.

The plan drawn up for the Princesa It is very based on the one he designed decades ago Don Juan Carlos for Felipe VI, his heir. So much so that he himself Monarch She commented at the recent Princess of Asturias Awards that she was reliving many moments of her life through the eyes of her daughter.

Felipe VI studied at school Santa María de los Rosales, a secular, private and mixed center where he made friends that he still has and stayed with throughout his school years. It is the same school that they chose for the Princess and the Heiress. During those school years, Leonor spent a summer camp in USA. His father did the same in 1983, when he spent the summer with his cousins Greece in Maine. Both thus experienced a first approach towards family emancipation. They experienced a greater separation during their last years of school. While at Felipe VI they sent him to attend COU in Canada. Don Felipe repeated the model with Dona Leonorthat the last years of school, those of Baccalaureatewas interned in the UWC College de Galesa private center whose cost was borne by the Kings.

Once the school stage is over, Operetta copied the plan again Felipe VI. The Princess entered the Zaragoza Academy, where he began three years of military training similar to those his father attended. ZaragozaMarín and San Javier unite the training of Felipe VI and that of his daughter.

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