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This last Tuesday, March 1, 140 adolescents appeared at the Miss Peru La Pre 2022, but only 40 were classified. Among them were the daughters of some entertainment and political figures.

Alondra Huarac, daughter of renowned music producer Nilver Huarac, Gaela Barraza, daughter of singer Carlos ‘Tomate’ Barraza, and Kyara Villanella, daughter of the candidate for the presidency of the republic, Keiko Fujimori.

Miss Peru La Pre is a platform where we seek not only for girls to be beauty queens, but also to be voices of their generation, and to generate social change in the country.”, mentioned Monica Chacón, advisers of the contest, who works hand in hand with the beauty businesswoman, Jessica Newton, who gave the names of those classified.

Miss Peru La Pre, led by former Miss Peru Mónica Chacón, trains young hopefuls for Miss Peru. According to her Instagram account, she seeks to “train strong, brave, dreamy and determined women, we should not make them run, they should enjoy their age.”

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Alondra Huarac

Alondra Huarac, is the daughter of music producer Nilver Huarac, who in 2021 was crowned Miss Teen Huánuco. She is also the ‘All Dance 2021’ continental champion, as she posted on her Instagram account. Her ability to dance encouraged her to teach during this summer of 2022, as she announced on the program ‘En boca de todos’.

Kyara Villanella

Kyara Villanella Fujimori, is the daughter of the candidate for the presidency of the Republic Keiko Fujimori, she is 14, who gained notoriety by accompanying her mother during her campaign for the presidency in the 2021 Presidential Elections. She has become an influencer accumulating more 363 thousand followers on Instagram and 828 thousand on Tik Tok.

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Gaela Barraza

Gaela Barraza, 14 years old, is the daughter of singer Carlos ‘Tomate’ Barraza and model Danuska Zapata. In an interview with the program En boca de todos, the teenager indicated that her passion is modeling. She is an influencer, on her Instagram account she has more than 15 thousand followers, who have also created a Page fan account for her.


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