Missed the finals!Shaanxi women’s football team loses Shanghai in penalty shootout at the 14th National Games

Missed the finals!Shaanxi women’s football team loses Shanghai in penalty shootout at the 14th National Games

2021-09-23 23:16:48Source: Xi’an News Network

On September 23, in the semi-finals of the adult women’s football team of the 14th National Games, the Shaanxi team and the Shanghai team scored 1:1 in 90 minutes, and the penalty shootout was 3:5. Finally, they lost to the Shanghai team with a total score of 4:6. (Photo by Wang Jian, an all-media reporter from Xi’an Newspaper)

Xi’an News Network News “Shaanxi team, Northwest Wolves, enter one…” On the evening of September 23, Xi’an was overcast and rainy. In the Shaanxi Provincial Stadium with the reputation of “Holy Vermilion”, the semi-finals of the adult women’s football team of the 14th National Games were held hotly. , Shaanxi “Rose” struggled stubbornly and tied the score 1:1. Although the Shanghai team lost 3:5 in the final penalty shootout, the performance of the Shaanxi girls was widely praised.


Sister Na’s Perseverance

In the Shaanxi women’s football circle, Liu Huana, who was born in 1981, has a high status in the arena and is honored as “Sister Na” by fans and the media. Although she is born in Shandong, Liu Huana has made her career brilliance in Shaanxi. At the end of 1995, she entered the Shaanxi women’s football team. With her outstanding performance, she was selected for the Chinese women’s national team in 2003. She helped the team win the championship in the Athens Olympic qualifiers and later won Asia. Cup champion.

Because of love, “Sister Na” has special emotions for football and Shaanxi. She has been in and out of the national team several times without affecting her emotions. Instead, she has used more hard training to stick to her football dream. In 2011, Liu Huana withdrew from the national team due to injury, and in 2014 began to serve as the head coach of the Shaanxi women’s football team. In the 2017 Tianjin National Games, her coach and team members were shoulder to shoulder, becoming the oldest player in the history of women’s football at the National Games.

In the 14th National Games, as the head coach of the host Shaanxi team, Liu Huana commanded composure, and the spirit of the old women’s football team was passed on to the Shaanxi girls. The Shaanxi women’s football team can reach the semi-finals, and the Shanghai team suffered a lot from the semifinals. “Sister Na” contributed a lot.


Player’s tenacity

The Shaanxi women’s football team occupies a pivotal position in the history of the development of Chinese women’s football. The old Shaanxi women’s football team is characterized by daring to fight and perseverance. In the 14th National Games, the promotion process of the girls also fully reflects the true nature of the “rose” of Shaanxi. In the first round of the group match, facing the Olympic United team, it was actually the national team. The Shaanxi Women’s Football team performed well, and they caused a lot of trouble for their opponents. Although they lost a goal, they still won praise; the second round Shaanxi team’s defense like a bronze wall and iron wall The Liaoning team won the penalty and won the penalty. In the third round, facing Jiangsu, the Shaanxi team also won the penalty.

In the semi-finals, the Shaanxi Women’s Football Team played against the Shanghai team. The Shanghai team is traditionally powerful. The overall strength and technical and tactical level are second only to the United Team. This is another tough battle. Coupled with the wet weather and the wet ground, it will test the will of the players on both sides. quality. In the first half, the Shanghai team had the advantage and Zhao Yingying shot the deadlock in the 24th minute. After the change of sides, the rain got worse, the Shaanxi girl stepped up the offensive in adversity, and it soon worked. Long Chen received a corner kick from his teammate and header equalized the score. A tie in 90 minutes of regular time, went directly to the penalty shootout, and the Shanghai team won 5:3. “The Shanghai team is indeed very strong, taking penalty kicks. The opponents are very strong in both mentality and skills. They are a strong team in the Women’s Super League, and we are the women’s first team. From falling behind to equalizing, the whole team tried their best. I am very satisfied with the players’ performance. Performance.”



On the 23rd, Xi’an was rainy and intermittent. Although the weather was cooling down, the fans in Shaanxi were still enthusiastic. During the game, they stood in the stands and “roared”, especially when the Shaanxi team fell behind in the score, drums, singing, and cheering came one after another. The passionate shouts infected the girls and inspired the “Rose” to explode with amazing fighting power. From falling behind to equalizing and then to the final penalty, the Shaanxi Women’s Football team tried their best to make their opponents feel tremendous pressure. After the game, the coach of the Shanghai team said frankly: “Too difficult, too difficult, the Shaanxi team has a strong fighting spirit, and we are lucky to win!”

Unfortunately, the Shaanxi Women’s Football team did not forget the Shaanxi fans who fought in the rain. The girls waved to the Shaanxi fans stand after the game to express their gratitude. Then the Shaanxi Women’s Football team will compete with the Beijing team for the bronze medal. Shaanxi team coach Liu Huana said with emotion: “The Shaanxi women’s football team has not been easy along the way. It is the result of everyone’s joint efforts to reach the semifinals. Thank you to the players and our fans. In fact, I have known Shaanxi fans for so many years in Shaanxi. The enthusiasm of playing football in such an atmosphere will be very enjoyable. We must strive to fight the future battle, win the brand and give the fans a wonderful game.”

Wang Rui, All-Media Reporter of Xi’an Press


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