Mitsubishi Delica D:5 Tough x Tough Outlander Wild Adventure Style Minicab-MiEV B-Leisure Style

The soon-to-open Tokyo Motor Show has been described earlier Vision Ralliart Concept In addition, Mitsubishi also introduces a number of other models. In the spirit of the motto “new era, new adventures”, the manufacturer also built an adventure vehicle from three existing types.

Delica D:5 Tough x Tough

The Delica D: 5 is a 4.8-meter, three-row, very square minibus. It was fitted with a range of Ralliart accessories and aftermarket accessories to give the car a rugged look to Mitsubishi’s uniform.

The black mica paintwork is counterpointed by a matte black grille and wheel arch extensions, the exterior mirrors and fog lights are red. They replaced the shock absorbers and springs, increasing the vehicle’s ground clearance and making room for the 16-inch wheels on which off-road tires were mounted. Appearance and terrain are improved by front and rear twig gratings, red mudguards are more hot.

The picture is completed by a roof rack and a roof tent. The car also comes with a reclining pad that we can lay out for ourselves on the folded second and third rows of seats, so that up to four people can sleep in the special minibus.

Outlander Wild Adventure Style

Vagan camping buses, not for average holiday 2

The new generation Outlander its adventurer edition was co-produced with the Japanese touring brand ‘Ogawa’. The gleaming black body is protected from damage by abrasive inserts, the sill and engine compartment are protected, and various hiking equipment is placed in the roof-mounted luggage rack.

Minicab-MiEV B-Leisure Style

The smallest member of the trio is the Minicab MiEV, a purely electric microphone that not only looks old, but has also been produced in the same form since 2010. The special feature of the model is that it is suitable as a power source for supplying energy to external consumers. The mossy green / ivory paintwork goes well with the retro style, the roof rack fits a roof tent (the exhibit car only has a pull-out shade) and the interior has a work desk to get your power tools done or comfortably peel off the fish at dawn .

Vagan camping buses, not for average holiday 3


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