Mitsubishi revives the Ralliart brand. She wears the concept of an outlander

For a long time, it seemed that the Ralliart brand would never return. But as it turned out, the opposite is true, and Mitsubishi actually showed another model with this name at the Tokyo Motor Show, which became famous at a time when the brand with three diamonds in its emblem was racing in a rally.

Mitsubishi Vision Ralliart

Photo: Mitsubishi

This is a concept called Vision Ralliart, which is based on the Outlander model, but with a nice bodykit, which disappointed many fans. Thanks to it, the car has a rougher front mask with smoothed features and a strange-looking diffuser at the back. The car is then decorated with large, 22-inch-wide wheels and six-piston brakes behind them.

Unfortunately, the brakes are probably the only technical thing that has changed for the car compared to the outlander. This is one of the reasons why the novelty is more of a design study. As part of the premiere, Mitsubishi also introduced a regular outlander in the Ralliart Style version. The car adds a number of stickers and accessories in a sporty style, but again it does not touch the engine or chassis.

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