Mitsubishi will sell redesigned Renault in Europe – Autoreview

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According to last year’s submission Mitsubishi development plan, the main stake is made on Southeast Asia, where the company is now in the strongest position. The second echelon is Australia, Africa, the Middle East and South America. But activity on the European market has been minimized: the premieres of new models have been canceled, the current range will last until 2023. And yet the Mitsubishi brand will not disappear from the EU market.

It has been officially confirmed that under the Mitsubishi brand in the Old World, redesigned Renault cars will be sold. They will be produced as part of OEM cooperation within the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance. The plan provides for the appearance of two such models in 2023, but it is not even clear yet what kind of cars they will be. Most likely, we are talking about crossovers, because globally Mitsubishi focused on this particular market segment. The redesigned Renault will be sold through the Mitsubishi dealer network, but this plan will work only in selected European countries, the list of which has not yet been approved. Mitsubishi has separated the Russian market into a separate subdivision, so this will not affect us.

Renault and Mitsubishi already have experience of such cooperation. Vans sold in Australia and New Zealand since last year Mitsubishi Express, that is, redesigned Renault Trafic of French production.

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