Miur, published the competition announcement for preschools and primary schools


Published in the Official Journal the notice of special competition for kindergarten and primary school. The test will assign both common and support posts. The competition for permanent recruitment of teachers for kindergartens and primary schools will lead to the formation of extraordinary merit rankings on a regional basis. Candidates will be able to present the application, exclusively online, through the Polis system, from 9 November 12 to 23.59 on 12 December. In the same issue of the Gazzetta was also published the new date of the written test of the competition for school leaders for the Sardinia Region, which will be held on December 13th.

As explained by the Ministry of Education, teachers with a master's degree, obtained within the school year 2001/2002, have been admitted to the competition, which have carried out, during the last eight school years, at least two years of specific service, also not consecutive; lecturers with a qualifying degree in Primary Education Sciences who have carried out, during the last eight school years, at least two years of specific service, even if not consecutive. For support posts, in addition to the requirements of the qualification and the two years of service, the title of specialization on support is also required. The teachers admitted to the role will be submitted, for the confirmation of the recruitment, to the training and trial period.

"With the competition we have kept the commitments made with the decree dignity and unlocked a situation that held thousands of Italian teachers suspended for months – said Minister Marco Bussetti – together with the exit of the call for the extraordinary competition we sent to the Ministry of 'Economy and Finance the formal request to start the ordinary competition, always for the kindergarten and primary school.We want to give precise answers to teachers, even the youngest, who are waiting to be able to get into the role and the needs of the institutions and of school communities ". The ordinary competition provides for a total quota of 10,183 seats: 5,626 municipalities and 4,557 support.

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