Mizada and her predictions June 22

Mizada tells you what awaits you in your daily horoscope, so take note of his recommendations this Wednesday, June 22

By: Elizabeth González

JUN. 21. 2022

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Mizada and her daily predictions

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Hoy Wednesday June 22, 2022 we have waning moon. In the horoscopes from today, Miza recommends taking out all the things that have not been used in the last few months.

In addition, it highlights that Venus will be passing to the sign of Gemini, so we will have love, romance, and business with excellent communication.


Very good changes are coming in your house of associations and businesses; you may feel a bit of pressure, but it’s all because you haven’t encouraged yourself to delegate.

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Analyze, observe and check everything you want to do; you bring a little doubt, but a lot of clarity comes. Very good changes are coming in your economy.

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The Sun in your sign is giving you great opportunities to do everything you’ve been putting off; It is not time to think, it is time to act.

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You are going through excellent times; take advantage of the next few days to fix communication problems at home

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Jupiter is giving you triumph, success, abundance and the opportunity to do new things; take off your eye mask and he runs for your dreams because you have everything to win.

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Analyze, observe and check all paths. Introspect and say what you want; if you dare to do it, the doors will be opening wide for you.

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You can be with a little pressure or tension; It is a good time to let yourself love and cuddle.

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It is time to purify yourself in all the extension of the word; encourage yourself to heal the wounds and forgive your past.

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Many changes are coming within your home; everything is flowing in a positive way. Expect very good news on labor and credit issues.

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There is strength, security, integrity and desire to make things happen. You are in the perfect place and with the right people to start achieving your goals.

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You are going to plan or make trips. If you are looking for some kind of reunion, take advantage of the Waning Moon.

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