Mizada and her predictions May 17

Mizada tells you what awaits you in your daily horoscope, so take note of his recommendations this Tuesday, May 17

For: Elizabeth González

MAY. 16. 2022

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Mizada and her daily predictions

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Hoy Tuesday, May 17, 2022 we have Full Moon in the sign of Sagittarius. In the horoscopes from today, Miza signals that it is time to make dreams come true. In addition, he recommends writing our wishes and desires three times, and keeping it in a small wooden box.


It is not time to think, it is time to act. Spread your wings and trust in all the plans you have; pay more attention to the family.

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Patience, prudence and perseverance. It is a good time to make agreements and negotiations.

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Try to analyze everything before making decisions, especially if it has to do with your professional life; get expert advice.

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There may be some pressure or tension in your professional environment; put sweetness in everything you do today.

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From one moment to another you will receive a message; there is a proposal that will arrive in the next few days, analyze it.

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You’re planning a vacation and it’s great. Great opportunities are marked in your house 7; There are new projects in your life.

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You sparkle and shine a lot. Don’t stop your steps. These days will be sensational; there are very good aspects in your personal life.

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Take off your eye mask and see things as they are. Take things with relaxation and philosophy of life. It’s time to close cycles to start something on your own.

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Get away from the issues that are moving you from your center. Do not pay attention to people who want to harm you; there are people who should not be in your way.

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You really want to do new things; keep your heart in a drawer when making decisions.

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If you are going to make purchases, sales or negotiations, you are in a perfect time. A lot of love is marked on your way.

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