Business Mob sues police after sealing 'corona supermarket' | ...

Mob sues police after sealing ‘corona supermarket’ | Inland

Interest group De Vrije Tukkers supported Berning, who had to close the doors of his supermarket from the Twente Safety Region because he would not comply with the corona measures. Berning previously refused, but later he tackles. The door is now closed.

In the night from Wednesday to Thursday, Berning had parked his Volkswagen bus in front of the shop door, so that the supermarket could not be closed by the authorities. Early in the morning on Thursday, the bus was taken away by him to loud applause from hundreds of villagers, after which the shop ‘just’ opened. But a little later the supermarket was told that the store really had to close at 10 a.m. If not, the police would intervene.

Beuning then closed the store himself. The police then formed a cordon around the store. Beuning would have set up a pickup point at the front door, as a replacement for the supermarket, but that was not allowed either. The atmosphere changed on the spot.

The police are screening the case.

The police are screening the case.

The police took some people out of the building. Only the shop owner and his father were left there. Berning said earlier today that his 72-year-old father would be homeless if he had to close the business. “The house and the shop are one, we only have one door to enter: the shop entrance,” he told De Telegraaf.

The streets in the area have since been blocked. People are no longer allowed in the store. The police also sealed the main entrance and an entrance behind the building. The police leave as people say “Shame, shame, shame!” call.

The doors have since been sealed.

The doors have since been sealed.


Many had responded to the call from De Vrije Tukkers on Thursday morning, a club that opposes what they think is too far-reaching government corona measures. Just like Raymond Berning himself, they cannot stomach the fact that the busy supermarket has to close. Especially because the shopkeeper has taken many measures to keep the virus in check.

The shop owner parked his bus in front of the entrance.

The shop owner parked his bus in front of the entrance.

“If you enter the store on any given day, you will mainly see customers wearing a mask,” says Marianne Brookhuis of the action group on the square in front of the store. “Where do you see that now? Many Germans come to this border village who adhere to the rules. ”

All the more remarkable it is according to the action group that Berning has to close. “We take action when measures are taken that are disproportionate. And this is such a decision. In many other stores things are really worse. Of course the aisles are a bit narrow, but you see that much more often. ” The shopkeeper himself does not understand anything about it and is furious. “I have been doing my very best for months with a disinfection column, stickers on the floor with directions for the one-way route, mudguards at the checkouts and longer opening hours for the distribution. Say it. What else can I do? ”

Outdated data

According to the shopkeeper, the municipality and the Safety Region assume outdated data when it comes to the floor space of his shop. “It is now 500 square meters, while the official documents apparently still record 140 square meters. Yes, it will soon be a bit too busy of course. ” The Safety Region believes that it is regularly too busy in the shop near the German border and the entrepreneur has been warned several times to do something about this.

The supermarket receives a lot of support from local residents.

The supermarket receives a lot of support from local residents.

According to Berning, he does everything he can. Many think so, it turns out. The hundreds of statements of support on location, but also on Facebook, are visibly benefiting the entrepreneur in the border village. “I can see what is happening, but I just open up,” and then put the deed into action. “I have not received a letter or email that I have to close. I did hear this verbally from the chairman of the Security Region. ”

The situation escalated on Wednesday evening. Two Boas plus a Security Region spokesperson wanted to hand over an envelope, probably ordering the shop to close, to Berning, but he did not open the letter. The entrepreneur is very, very interested. “A form of legal inequality that I cannot deal with.”

The combative shopkeeper himself suspects that something else is going on. “Maybe the boas have something against me. Could be. The Safety Region will in any case be informed by them. ”

The supermarket owner is still in the best mood in the morning.

The supermarket owner is still in the best mood in the morning.


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