Technology Mobile eliminates zombie mode and these are the reasons

Mobile eliminates zombie mode and these are the reasons

Goodbye to zombie mode in Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile arrived a few months ago on the Android and iOS mobile platforms and since then it has not stopped growing. The game, despite the differences with other platforms on the subject of touch control (you can connect a gamepad if you want), has managed to conquer many players who are passionate about the franchise and this type of first-person shooters.

In addition, one of the great virtues of Call of Duty: Mobile has been from the beginning its variety of game modes. You could play a free-for-all, team duel, frontline, hot spot, domination, and also that zombie mode that many players always like. At least until now, because the Call of Duty: Mobile’s zombie mode will no longer be available March 25.

Yes, this was something that the developer’s studio already commented could happen at any time. And it is that its inclusion was conditional and always with the idea of ​​seeing how it could improve to offer a higher quality experience to the players. So, as it seems that it has not been the case, it is charged for not having achieved the expected quality nor having generated enough interest among users. Something that they explain in a post from community update.

Therefore, they believe that the most convenient option is to eliminate it. And the worst thing for what they have played it is that they are also left without trying the map called Nacht Der Untoten. At least those who have not accessed the GARENA version that seems to have received the map.

Will zombie mode return? Well, it is not known, the developer does not close the door, but for it to happen they have to improve everything that right now they consider to be failing. Of course, the community has not stood still and on Reddit it was organized a post to try to save it, although without much success for now.

Call of Duty: Mobile, now what?

With this decision made, the title managers comment that they will focus on multiplayer, battle royale and ranked mode. So that the loss in this way is something anecdotal and does not detract from the interest of those who played it.

However, the abandonment in such a way is true that coincides with goodbye by Jason Blundell, co-director of the franchise and person closely associated with said zombie mode. So the return may be more complicated than it might seem a priori.


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