News Mobile payment fraud increased by 372 percent - Vienna

Mobile payment fraud increased by 372 percent – Vienna

According to the 2019 crime statistics, there were more burglaries, violent, robbery and internet offenses in Vienna. The highest increase at 372% was for cashless payments using the NFC function.

The total number of reported cases rose in Vienna in 2019 compared to the previous year from 169,190 to 173,574, thus by + 2.6%. The clearance rate rose from 43.6% to 44% in 2019, which is the highest level since 2000. The total number of suspects identified rose from 82,807 to 89,557 in 2018, which is also a high for two decades. The proportion of foreigners among the suspects is 50.7% (previous year: 51%).

In the area of ​​cybercrime as a whole, the number of reports continued to increase: from 6,732 in 2018 to 10,888 in 2019, thus by 61.7%. A large part of these are cases of “Internet fraud” with an increase from 4,792 to 5,416 cases (+ 13.0%). Cybercrime offenses in the narrower sense have also increased; here mainly ads for “fraudulent misuse of data processing” (for example in the case of cashless payments using the near-field communication function on mobile phones) with an increase from 859 to 4,056 cases (+ 372.2%). Blackmail on the Internet has also increased from 318 to 393 cases (+ 23.6%).

More burglaries in apartments, companies and cellars

In the area of ​​property crime, the number of advertisements continued to be reduced from 73,176 to 68,456, thus by 6.5%, with the investigation rate remaining almost unchanged at 20%. On the other hand, there were increases in the number of “burglary in the home” from 753 to 877 cases (+ 16.5%), “burglary in the home” from 3,018 to 3,258 cases (+ 8.0%), “burglary in companies / shops” from 2,448 to 2,595 cases (+ 6.0%) and “burglary in the basement” from 5,151 to 5,392 cases (+ 4.7%). In turn, the offenses “theft” fell from 45,962 to 42,409 cases (- 7.7%), “burglary theft” from 25,229 to 24,020 cases (- 4.8%), “burglary in vehicles” from 3,428 to 1,962 cases (- 42 , 8%), “car theft” from 945 to 869 cases (- 8%) and “pocket and trick theft” from 11,792 to 9,193 cases (- 22%).

In the area of ​​white-collar crime, the number of reports rose from 20,828 to 27,342, thus by 31.3%. A very large part of this relates to “fraud” advertisements, which increased from 9,601 to 12,160 (+ 26.7%). Cases of “trickery” increased from 1,146 to 1,982 (+ 72.9%). In the case of “order / goods fraud”, however, the number of advertisements fell from 6,569 to 5,327 (- 18.9%).

Increase in assault and rape

The total number of reports of violent crime increased from 24,131 to 25,053 (+ 3.8%). Approximately in “bodily harm” from 12,628 to 12,773 cases (+ 1.1%); likewise in the case of “rape” from 305 to 323 cases (+ 5.9%). There was a predominant number of acquaintances between perpetrator and victim and therefore a correspondingly high clearance rate of 76.2%.

Robbery has increased from 1,166 to 1,274 cases (+ 9.3%); here, however, the clarification rate was increased from 33.9% to 39.3%. Most of these are cases of street robbery, primarily among young people. At the same time, the number of reports of bank robbery (5) continued to decline, whereas after a lengthy investigation and an arrest in February 2019, a series of 15 bank and post-robberies has been resolved since 2009.

The number of reports of violence against officials rose by 9.1% from 638 to 696. In 2019, 15 completed murders were committed in Vienna (2018: 23), of which 14 have been resolved (2018: 22).

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