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The mobile wallpaper application “Wallpaper Engine” used by many people on Steam has been released a few days ago, and the Android version is expected to be launched in October to November.

“Wallpaper Engine” can be said to be the most convenient dynamic wallpaper tool program on the market. In addition to enabling the wallpaper to move, it can also contain sound effects, and as long as the player runs a full-screen program or executes other music or video files, the wallpaper can be changed. The sound effect is automatically paused and will not be disturbed at all. And through the creators of the “Workshop”, “Wallpaper Engine” has a large number of free wallpapers available for download.

Officials stated that they have developed the Android version of Wallpaper Engine in the past few months. This APP will be free in the future (Steam version is priced at NT$120). The development team has developed a way that allows users to easily integrate Windows version Dynamic wallpapers are directly inherited to use on Android devices.

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However, since it is not possible to enter the workshop on Android to download the new wallpaper, if you want to find a new wallpaper, you still have to find/download the new wallpaper through the Steam workshop on Windows, which means you still have to have the Steam version first.

The official guarantee is that the Android version of “Wallpaper Engine” does not contain any advertisements or additional costs like the PC version. The Android version also has a lot of custom features, such as playlists, FPS restrictions, and various power-saving features. The Android version will also allow users to import local GIFs or videos to become dynamic wallpapers in the future.

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In addition, the PC version of Wallpaper Engine has also been updated to version 1.7, which can directly import webcasts as dynamic wallpapers.


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