Moby: loser of the day |


Musician Moby (53, “When It's Cold I'd Like To Die”) has recently been struggling with a lot of headwinds. From this he now draws consequences and canceled the four dates of his reading tour in Ireland and Great Britain. He also wants to retire for a while, as he wrote on Instagram. The impetus for this is his biography “Then It Fell Apart”. It contains a passage about an alleged liaison with Oscar winner Natalie Portman (37, “Black Swan”), which denied this claim.

Moby, however, did not give up and published a statement in which he reacted with incomprehension to Portman's denial. A short time later followed a comprehensive apology. His behavior was in hindsight inappropriate, both then and now. In his most recent Instagram post, he also wrote: “I'm the one who published the book without first showing it to the people I was writing about. (…) There's clearly no one but me who does Thank you, and I'm sorry. “


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