Modder transforms a skyscraper into a PS5 in Microsoft Flight Simulator

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We are weeks away from a new generation of consoles making their debut and the community is excited, celebrating it in different ways. For example, now there is a modder who is wearing the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X to Microsoft Flight Simulator.

As we told you a few days agoReddit user Oh_Gaz made a mod in which he replaced Microsoft’s headquarters in Microsoft Flight Simulator for a huge Xbox Series X. Apparently the above did not seem enough, since a few days later he took the PlayStation 5 to the PC simulator.

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What this player did is modify the game so that Sony’s headquarters were transformed into a 200-meter-high skyscraper which looks like a PlayStation 5. The best thing is that he did it with enough attention to detail to that the gigantic console has the blue light that it emits when it is turned on.

You can see it below:

You can see this mod in depth in the video that is in this link.

What did you think of this mod? Do you think the modder should now transform Nintendo headquarters into a Switch? Tell us in the comments.

Microsoft Flight Simulator It is available for PC and is expected to arrive on Xbox consoles soon. You can know more about this flight simulator if you click here.


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