Model 2 and Model Q: Tesla is preparing two new models

Tesla’s model range will soon be supplemented by two new models: Model 2 and Model Q. The media have been talking about them for a long time.

At the annual shareholder meeting, Elon Musk confirmed the rumors that have been circulating in the media for a long time, saying: “People always want to know what our next product is. I just want to emphasize that we are creating a new product, we are developing a new product and we are not sitting here with our hands in our laps .”

Experts are convinced that “by new products” Musk meant Model 2 and Model Q – new products that will be a step below Model 3 and Model Y in Tesla’s model range. In his speech, Musk predicted that the contribution of the two new models would be more than five million units per year. They would be based on the new 48V architecture and the latest Power Unit, which does without rare metals, uses 25 percent less silicon carbide and is half the size. In production, such an electric motor would cost about 1000 dollars.

It is estimated that the price of the Model 2 could be around 25,000 US dollars (around 23,500 euros) – half as much as the Model 3. Tesla is building a new gigafactory in Mexico to absorb the new volumes, but Chinese and German factories will also be involved.

In order to keep the price attractive to the buyer, Tesla is likely to use the cheap iron phosphate batteries (LFP) made by BYD, which the Chinese concern also supplies to other manufacturers, such as Toyota, which install them in electric cars for the Chinese market.

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2023-05-20 02:45:21

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