Model friend of the “Tinder swindler” Kate Konlin publicly emphasizes his innocence

publishedFebruary 23, 2022 at 5:06 am

Simon Leviev is said to have cheated several women out of millions of francs. His current partner Kate Konlin doesn’t seem to care – the 24-year-old sticks with him publicly.

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Sticks to the innocence of the “Tinder swindler”: his girlfriend Kate Konlin (24).


The 24-year-old model, who currently resides in Paris, apparently knows about Leviev's past - and still sticks by him.

The 24-year-old model, who currently resides in Paris, apparently knows about Leviev’s past – and still sticks by him.


Even more: the model does not want to know anything about his alleged actions.  She doesn't believe the women who claim to have been cheated on by Leviev, she revealed on Monday's CBS show Inside Edition.

Even more: the model does not want to know anything about his alleged actions. She doesn’t believe the women who claim Leviev cheated on her, she revealed on Monday’s CBS show «Inside Edition».


  • The popular Netflix documentary “The Tinder Swindler” tells the story of alleged fraudster Simon Leviev.

  • The 31-year-old is said to have deprived a number of women of their fortune by asking them for money under false pretenses.

  • His girlfriend Kate Konlin (24) still sticks by him – and kissed the Israeli on the mouth during an interview in front of the camera.

  • The Israeli model is convinced of Leviev’s innocence and even describes the Netflix documentary as a “fake story”.

Fraud, lies and manipulation: The “Tinder swindler” is known for his corrupt approach, which he is said to have taken to dozens of women. He is said to have pretended to be a rich heir on Tinder, invited his victims to luxurious dates and thus stole hundreds of thousands of francs. While Leviev is despised by many for his scams, one person sticks by him: his girlfriend Kate Konlin, 24. But who is the lady at Leviev’s side?

Born in Ukraine, grew up in Israel

Katrina Koryakin, as the girlfriend of the alleged “Tinder swindler” is called by her real name, was born in Ukraine on December 11, 1997 and then emigrated to Israel with her family. The model is a dual citizen and is said to have a 15-year-old sister. As a teenager, she attended an Israeli school and earned a bachelor’s degree from a private college.

Her successful modeling career

Today the 24-year-old is considered one of the most successful models in Israel. She is under contract with the Metropolitan Models agency and, according to several media reports, lives in Paris. Konlin has already worked with a variety of local and world-renowned brands. She appeared for the clothing brand “Diesel”, was the face of various advertising campaigns and even adorned the cover of the Italian magazine “Grazia” as well as that of the Italian “Vogue” in 2017.

The 24-year-old likes to present her luxury life on Instagram, where she has around 125,000 followers. The influencer currently seems to be traveling all over Europe – from luxury resort to luxury resort. According to her social media profile, she visited the Louvre in Paris in expensive branded clothes, enjoyed the sun in Greece and delicious food in Poland. She was photographed several times on yachts and in private jets – including on the same plane as Simon Leviev.

Her love affair with Simon Leviev

Konlin is said to have met the “Tinder swindler” in 2020. At that time, he also wrote to her on Instagram several times over a period of four months, until she finally answered him and agreed to meet. The 2021 model revealed this to the Israeli magazine Mako. She further clarified: «Simon never tried to hide anything from me. I could understand everything from the start.”

After several dates, the two finally became a couple at the end of 2020. In 2021 they separated briefly, now Leviev and Konlin are again in a relationship, as in the CBS show that appeared on Monday «Inside Edition» becomes clear. In it, the two kiss on the mouth in front of the camera.

This is what the model says about Leviev’s scams

The interview shows that the 24 year old apparently knows about Leviev’s past – and still sticks by him. So much so that she doesn’t believe the women who claim to have been betrayed by Leviev. The Netflix documentary describes it as a “fake story”. The Israeli is a “legal businessman” who finances his lifestyle by investing in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

The two repeatedly hinted at their relationship on social media. In December, the 24-year-old posted a photo of herself in a white luxury dress and wrote: “My lover designed my wonderful, sexy outfit for me!” A portrait of Leviev can be seen in the background. The Israeli also tagged the model in his Instagram story.

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