Model posing sexy in the pool – then she gets Kroko visit


How many dresses or suits do you have?

I have 40 dresses and 40 pairs of shoes. Each has a number that corresponds to the number of the client.
I do not wear a dress more than 3 times. There is then, for example. 8, 14, 30. You do not wear a dress twice with the same man, unless he wants it.
At 40, I throw all the clothes in the bin because I do not want a woman like elfigy to wear my clothes. Well, with her broad * cough * she would not fit in there anyway.
Then my girlfriend Elfi (the right Elfi) moves with me and we buy 10 new ones. The shoes go into the old clothes collection.
Only the gray silk dress I keep until eternity. And the pearl necklace and bracelet to match.


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