Model Rose’s husband accuses her of defaming the Saudis with this move

Social media pioneers shared a video in which the Saudi model’s husband appearedModel of the day​, businessman Muhammad Al-Hamoud appeared in it accusing her of defaming the Saudis.
He added: “Muhammad changed and his position is raised above what you want me to do. I tried to settle a whirlwind and it was of no use to you. I am silent in my mood, not because of anything.. But every time something happens, you go to send so-and-so from the social media to settle some confusion.. My love, today the matter is over, live.” Your life and the sufficiency of disgust, and God is a shame, I mean, frankly, you tarnished the reputation of the Saudis with this movement.”
Rose had recently published a photo of her through her own account on the social networking site, in which she caught the attention of followers with her beauty and distinctive look. Model Rose wore a black dress that was exposed at the abdomen area, as well as the leg on one side, and she coordinated with it black shoes that increased the look of femininity.
For make-up, Model Rose chose to be light with a deep red lipstick. She left her hair natural, and put on a large knot.
Followers interacted greatly with the photo, praising the beauty of Model Rose and her good taste in coordinating her looks and clothes.


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