Modern families imagine the ideal car differently, but one requirement has not changed

For a long time, the best choice for a European family looking for a practical car was a minivan. It is no coincidence that “Renault Espace“, „Volkswagen Sharan” and all versions related to the latter model were so popular on our roads.

With the resurgence of car imports from the US, they were joined by “Chrysler Voyager” one-volume and other branded clones of this model. Perhaps the first to announce about possible changes was the debut in 2007 “Mitsubishi Outlander“. Although it was not the first seven-seater SUV sold in Europe, this model was practical and affordable for many.

It didn’t take even 15 years for city SUVs to almost displace single-wheelers, which were considered the benchmark of practicality, from the markets of most European countries. Now, families with two or more children and pets no longer dream of “Ford Galaxy” and about “Ford Explorer” or a similar SUV model with seven seats and a spacious trunk. The offer has also expanded noticeably alongside market veterans such as Oulander, “Hyundai Santa Fe“ ar „Kia Sorento“, new models appeared.

Market changes were accompanied by interesting transformations. For example, turning from a minivan into an SUV “Peugeot 5008“. The manufacturers’ attention to the seven-seater city SUV market is also confirmed by the company “Toyota” the decision to prepare a European version of the Highlander model. Brand new models have also appeared, including the likes of “Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace“ ar „Shame on the Kodiaq“.

Ford Explorer

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Displaced the Europeans’ favorite monocoques

Car History Check Platforms “carVertical” communication manager Matas Buzelis observes that seven-seater SUVs have over time occupied the market share that was left free after the decline in the supply of single-seaters.

“Everything happened very naturally – with the rapid growth of the market share of city SUVs, these cars are storming all niches. Suddenly, models such as coupe-style SUVs or even high-capacity models with a retractable roof became popular. They also pushed out monocycles, which were not lacking in popularity until then,” comments the market expert.

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M. Buzelis points out that the big SUVs were especially liked by buyers of luxury cars, for whom the choice was very limited until then. If there were no practical SUV-type cars, people who are not used to it would have to make compromises.

“Such buyers are often looking for a large, comfortable and powerful car. As the transport market naturally evolved, more and more SUVs were introduced. Next to other options, there are practical models with seven seats,” the interviewer explains.

The market expert adds that a seven-seater car is really the most suitable for a family of five or six people. The rear row of seats is best suited for children, and when not in use, you get a particularly spacious trunk.

Even models with plug-in hybrid power plants do not lack space. For example, after folding the third row of seats, the trunk volume of the Ford Explorer plug-in hybrid reaches 635 liters, and the Kia Sorento – 604 liters.

Matas Buzelis

Matas Buzelis

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Five seats are not enough for everyone

According to M. Buzelis, people choose large and spacious SUVs mainly because of the additional seats. According to the specialist, it is much easier for a family with three children to seat their children if the third row of seats is installed at the back of the car.

The seats that ensure the safety of the little ones are quite massive and hardly fit in one row. Also, often the interior is not even equipped with Isofix mounting loops.

“A family raising three young children has to choose either a minibus or a seven-seater SUV. Although there are only five passengers, it will hardly be possible to fit them all in a normal car. So, it can be said that the target group of buyers of such models is families with many children. I myself know people for whom additional seats were a decisive factor when choosing a car,” comments the specialist.

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According to M. Buzel, there is not much space for things behind the additional row of seats, but all passengers can sit comfortably, and this is extremely important for longer trips. Also, even with the use of the third row of seats, the most important things will still fit in the trunk.

True, not all models have the same capabilities in this regard. The Skoda Kodiaq has a boot volume of 270 litres, the Ford Explorer 240 and the Peugeot 5008 just 167 litres, with all seats in use.

Europeans are also attracted to large SUVs because the Old Continent does not offer models such as the Toyota Sienna or the Lincoln Town & Country, which are available to US residents. These are powerful and extremely comfortable cars, ideally suited for further trips with the family. According to M. Buzelis, in Europe, the functions of such models are best performed by large SUVs.

Ford Explorer

Ford Explorer

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Safe and less polluting

Large SUVs provide a sense of security, not just the impression of massive proportions. The new models feature all the most advanced assistance systems, including lane and distance support, emergency braking, lane change assist, fatigue detection and pedestrian and cyclist detection. The abundance of equipment stands out in large SUVs that are often compared to models of the “premium” segment, such as the aforementioned Ford Explorer.

Gone are the days when large and spacious SUVs were offered only by luxury car manufacturers. According to Mr. Buzel, all companies see the growing demand and understand the profit such models can bring, so their supply is rapidly expanding.

“And buyers themselves don’t have to think about it much: SUVs have a higher residual value than other models, because they are currently in high demand.” If such a car meets all your needs and it can additionally accommodate two more passengers, it is a fully beneficial purchase”, – the interviewee assesses the general benefits.

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The supply of plug-in hybrid large SUVs is also growing. After charging the 13.1 kWh battery installed in the Ford Explorer, it is possible to drive a distance of up to 40 km on electricity alone.

Ford Explorer

Ford Explorer

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With specific needs, the choice narrows

M. Buzelis adds that people who choose a new vehicle very carefully can also evaluate other parameters – the mileage or the weight of the towed trailer. Then the number of suitable cars is noticeably reduced, but in the current market even the most discerning buyers can find the desired family SUV.

If you have to travel regularly with a trailer, it is recommended to choose a car with a powerful engine. In this regard, the highly capable Ford Explorer power plant stands out.

The total power output of the 3-liter gasoline internal combustion engine and the electric motor reaches 457 hp, and the maximum torque is as much as 825 Nm. It allows you to tow a trailer weighing up to 2.5 tons, and when driving without it from 0 to 100 km/h. accelerate in 6 seconds.

The traction of the hybrid power plant is also useful when working on poor roads or off-road. Base equipment on Explorer models includes a mode selection function adapted to various conditions, assistance systems when driving uphill or downhill, and even a crosswind stabilization system. The Ford model claiming the title of a true SUV is also equipped with all-wheel drive.

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