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Moderna, Moncef Slaoui’s lab, targeted by Chinese hackers – Le1

Hackers linked to the Chinese government have targeted pharmaceutical group Moderna, which is currently developing a vaccine against COVID-19 in order to steal high-value information, Reuters learned from a US security official.

Massachusetts-based Moderna confirmed to Reuters that she had been in contact with the FBI and had been made aware of “reconnaissance activities” carried out by a group of hackers whose existence was raised last week.

The Department of Justice then announced the indictment of two Chinese nationals accused of spying in the United States and of having been particularly interested in three targets which have not been publicly identified but which have been indicated that they were involved in research conducted against COVID-19.

“Scouting activities” cover a wide range of behaviors, from assessing the vulnerability of websites to examining important accounts after a network hack, cybersecurity experts say.

The Reuters source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, did not give further details. Neither the FBI nor the US Department of Health have agreed to give the names of the companies targeted by the Chinese hackers.

Moderna is one of many pharmaceutical groups to have entered the race to find a vaccine against COVID-19. He said on Tuesday that he had launched large-scale trials for the potential vaccine he is developing.

It should be remembered that the Moroccan immunologist Moncef Slaoui, sat on the board of directors of Moderna until his appointment by Donald Trump, last May, at the head of the White House project “Warp Speed” aimed at finding a vaccine for the United States against the Covid-19 coronavirus before the end of the year,

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