Moderna shares the good results of its RSV vaccine

The respiratory syncytial virus causes bronchiolitis but also a flu syndrome in the elderly that can be fatal. Many seniors are hospitalized every year because of this infection. Moderna shares the latest results regarding the effectiveness of its RSV vaccine.

Respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV, is responsible for bronchiolitis in infantsbut also a lower respiratory tract infection reminiscent of the flu in the elderly, which can lead to hospitalizations or even death in the most fragile subjects. Very contagious, RSV does not induce long-lasting immune defences, thus past infections provide very little protection against future ones and reinfections are frequent although less severe in general. There is no cure for RSV, only the symptoms are taken care of until the infection clears up on its own.

A vaccine more than 80% effective against RSV symptoms

The vaccination appears to be the ideal way to protect seniors from complications related to respiratory syncytial virus infection. Moderna has been conducting clinical studies for several months to test the effectiveness of its mRNA vaccine candidate in relieving two or more of the hallmark symptoms of RSV. Preliminary Phase 3 results just shared by mRNA biotech company. The mRNA-1345 vaccine is 82.4% effective in the elderly.

The clinical study, conducted in several countries, enrolled 37,000 adults over the age of 60. During follow-up, 55 cases of RSV were confirmed; 55 in the group that received a placebo and 9 in the group that received the vaccine. The side effects linked to the injection are classic: pain at the injection site, muscle aches, fatigue… but Moderna specifies that more information on the tolerance and safety profile of mRNA-1345 will be transmitted at the time of its marketing authorization application. The final results have yet to be published in a scientific journal.

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