Moeldoko has the right to be a Democrat Ketum

VIVA – A number of cadres Democratic party initiated the convening of the Extraordinary Congress (KLB) the party in Deli Serdang, North Sumatra. As a result, the forum elects the Presidential Chief of Staff Moeldoko as the new general chairman.

Does this mean era SBY, too AHY, who is his son ended?

Ninoy Karundeng, who is active as a political observer, media activist and social media activist, said that SBY’s activities since becoming a politician are notoriously reckless. He said power for SBY was placed at the highest point.

“SBY has positioned the party as a means of holding onto power, now that power is lost to Moeldoko,” said Ninoy in a statement to reporters, Saturday, March 6, 2021.

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On Moeldoko’s election through the KLB, SBY reacted strongly by issuing a statement that cornered Moeldoko. SBY related that Moeldoko was chosen by Democrat cadres because of his position as the Presidential Chief of Staff (KSP).

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