Mogán will not pay "not one more burial" of immigrants and asks that the Government do so

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The mayor of Mogán (Gran Canaria), Onalia Bueno, has announced that her City Council will not pay for “not one more burial” of immigrants who arrive dead at the port of Arguineguín or the rest of the municipality’s coast, because she believes that the Government of Spain.

“I do give up my niches so that there can be a burial, but we will not (pay) the expenses that this burial causes, because “We are not talking about one, two, or three.”Bueno said in statements made to TVE in the Canary Islands.

In Mogán there is the Arguineguín dock, the Maritime Rescue reference port in the south of Gran Canariawhere thousands of African immigrants rescued in the Atlantic and also several dozen corpses of those who could not withstand the harshness of the journey have arrived since the Canary Route was reactivated.

In the case of bodies recovered by Maritime Salvage, town councils have been facing the costs of burying them for years in application of the Mokortuoria Health Policy Regulation, a 1974 norm that attributes to municipalities the responsibility of buryingfor charity, those people without resources who die in their territory.

The Mogán City Council alleges that the majority of immigrants who rest in their cemeteries They did not die in their municipal area, but on the high seasalthough their death was certified when they disembarked in Arguineguín, so it is understood that It is up to the State to assume the cost of the burial.

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