MOGE Convoy Passing on Pekanbaru-Bangkinang Toll Road, Riau Police Director of Traffic Speaks Up

PEKANBARU – The Gede (Moge) motorbike convoy passed on the Pekanbaru-Bangkinang Toll Road, Saturday (2/7/2022). The convoy was also escorted by an escort from the Ditlantas Polda Riau.

The action immediately provoked questions in the community, whether Moge was allowed to cross the toll road. Especially toll roads that are not yet operating.

Answering the question, the Director of Traffic of the Riau Police, Kombes Firman Darmansyah, said that the Moge convoy was a participant in the National Sumatra Bike Week event in West Sumatra.

“In my opinion, it’s okay, because the Bangkinang Toll Road has not yet been inaugurated, just like the Dumai Toll Road before it was inaugurated, it can still be used as an alternative to motorbikes. In fact, racing bicycles are still allowed to enter, unless the toll road has been inaugurated and public transportation has entered, then motorcycles and racing bicycles are not allowed to enter the toll road,” said Firman to GoRiau, Sunday (3/7/2022).

In addition, Firman confirmed that the Ivent group’s Moge crossing on the Pekanbaru – Bangkinang Toll Road had also obtained a permit from the toll road operator.

“As long as you get permission from the HK, you can, because it’s not official yet and it’s still empty. Moreover, they participated in the Sumatra Bike Week invitation event in West Sumatra, a national event, so they didn’t want to have fun or want to be stylish,” he concluded.

Separately, the Branch Manager of the Permai Toll Road, Indrajana also said that this was not a problem because the Pekanbaru-Bangkinang Toll Road was not yet operational.

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“The point is, it’s definitely not on the Pekanbaru – Dumai toll road, which is already operating,” he said. ***

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