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Director: Takashi Miike x Screenplay: Kankuro Miyato x Starring: Toma Ikuta will release the latest work of the popular series “Mogura no Uta FINAL”. The super special video of this work, which is the final edition of the eight-year series, has also arrived.

Graduated with the lowest grade since the police academy was founded. The worst one with the number of dispositions. A little lewd but straight and too hot police officer Reiji Kikukawa (Toma Ikuta) suddenly appointed an undercover investigator “Mole”. He is ordered to dive into Japan’s worst yakuza organization and raise the top Shuho Todoroki.

Reiji’s final mission to dive to the point of diving is to prevent drug smuggling, which is one of the largest transactions ever, with a transaction of 600 billion yen. The stage of the biggest Yamaba is a super luxury liner called “paradise on the sea”. And the strongest and worst enemy that appeared. Saddle by a mysterious pheromone beauty, visit the shrine of love with his lover Junna, and while the worst crisis in the history of moles strikes, Reiji puts Shuho Todoroki in a pig box and becomes a “King of Earth Dragon”. Can you do it– !?

In this series based on the blockbuster comic “Mogura no Uta,” which depicts the story of Reiji Kikukawa, a police officer who is a little lewd but too straight and too hot, with a cumulative circulation of over 9.47 million copies, Mr. Ikuta wrote Reiji Kikukawa. In 2014, “Mogura no Uta Undercover Investigator REIJI” was released, and in 2016, “Mogura no Uta Hong Kong Frenzy” was released. The latest work is the third one following this, and it will finally be completed.

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The mission of this work is to prevent drug smuggling, which has the largest transaction value of 600 billion yen. Set in a super-luxury liner, the most flashy and radical last undercover investigation will be carried out in the series final.

Mr. Ikuta, who just finished shooting this film in the middle of June this month, said, “All the good boys from all over the country! I made you wait! The song of the earth dragon is back! It’s lewd, stupid, and uncool. It’s cool! I can meet Reiji Kikukawa again at the movie theater! “And said,” Mogura no Uta Final! The best masterpiece in the series! It’s not finished yet! Arrived.

Director Miike said, “A super-luxury new guest. And it’s fun to have an all-star feeling that always comes out and rampages. And after all, it’s a complete settlement (so maybe it’s really FINAL)!” Appeal the highlights of.

And the super special news video arrived as soon as possible. Starting with that famous scene, it has become a gorgeous finish with series all-stars appearing one after another.

In addition, it has been decided that Mr. Ikuta’s official Instagram will be opened, and the latest information on this work will also be posted.

“Mogura no Uta FINAL” will be released on November 19th (Friday) at Toho all over Japan.


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