Mohamed Fayek: art is the best way to express the principles of the January revolution


Mohamed Fayek, president of the National Human Rights Council, said that art is the best way to express the principles of human rights supported by the January 25 revolution.

He added that he was Minister of the National Guide following the arrest at a difficult time when Egypt was in great need of art and that during this period Egypt had a strong internal army as Umm Kulthum, Mohammed Abdul Wahab, Balig Hamdi and Salah Jahin.

He continued: "During the presidency of the highest media, at the moment, did not delay one of the artists for my request to produce national works to refine the interest".
He mentioned an accident he had collected on the planet of the East, Umm Kulthum, when he asked for a great national song, he canceled his visit to Alexandria and sang a song that said: "Yes, it's a day for those who are redeeming Egypt ". He emphasized that the artists were partners in preserving the spirit and morale of the homeland.

Fayek stressed that today Egypt, although not defeated, also needs real artists capable of carrying out the task, while facing terrorism and the challenges of building a new Egypt capable of giving and prosperity.

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