Mohamed Kareem with Kidge A man who is not afraid of death in A Score to Settle


The artist Mohammed Karim, after publishing a picture collected by the world star Nicholas Cage, detailed this participation and confirmed in a statement to the press that he continues to interpret his role in the film "A Score to Settle,

Adding that it was close to the end of filming in Los Angeles and Canada, and that it is scheduled to finish filming the rest of the scenes in the coming weeks.

Karim plays the character of "Jimmy", a man who is not afraid of death, while Kidge plays the role of a professional assassin who claims to take revenge on his former superiors after being in prison for over 20 years, including the character incarnated by Mohammed Karim.

It is noteworthy that Karim published a short period on his account on the social network Facebook said: "Praise God, I started to take the first step in my dream in Hollywood with a big star was my dream and I am small the meeting, but I'm sharing his new movie .. Of the caliber of Zik, I had a lot of fun working with you, dreaming and walking and your dream, believe it, safe in it, you trust yourself, reach your goal .

A Score to Settle with Nicolas Cage will be attended by Ben Pratt, Carolina Wiedra, Ian Tracy and John Stuart Newman, directed by Sean Coe.


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