Mohamed Salah: Farouk Jafar has hurt Zamalek a lot

Mohamed Salah, the former player and coach of Zamalek, indicated that Farouk Jaafar had caused his injury before, noting that he had damaged the white castle because of his style of the ball.

Mohamed Salah said in statements to the program “I acknowledge and confess” on the channel “On Time Sport”: My relationship with Captain Farouk Jaafar inside the ball was more than excellent, but I do not like his work that some people are harmed. “

He added: “Farooq Jaafar Azani once when we were together in the technical staff of Zamalek Club when Mortada Mansour called us at one of the periods.”

He continued: “Farouk caused me harm because he caused me to leave Zamalek when the opportunity came to me to be the first man in the device.”

Salah recounted the situation: “I was assigned the task of choosing the device, and Farouk Jaafar wanted to be in the device with me, and I was refusing to be there.”

He continued: “We sat with Mortada Mansour in order to define our roles, but I told him that I do not want to work with Farouq Jaafar and left the team, which lasted 3 or 4 months and then left.”

And he added: “Also, Farouk Jaafar caused a lot of harm to Zamalek on the field and outside the stadium, and I was among the people who asked to be prevented from entering Zamalek when he fled to America during our period as players in the White Castle.”

He concluded: “There are also things that I cannot reveal that Farouk Jaafar did with players and coaches in Zamalek and that the club lost the championships.”


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