Mohamed Salah to Hani Ramzy: Real Madrid negotiated with me … and his guardian of Africa 3 times

Hani Ramzy, the former general coach of the Egyptian team, said that Mohamed Salah, the star of the first team and Liverpool FC, revealed to him that he had received an offer from Real Madrid during his stay in Liverpool, explaining that he had spoken with Salah during Liverpool’s presence in Switzerland a while ago and Salah told him at the time that Real Madrid wanted In contracting him, during his brilliance with Liverpool.

Hani Ramzy stated in statements to the program approved and I acknowledge with the media Ahmed Shouber on the On Time Sport satellite channel that Mohamed Salah loves the Egyptian team, and he always wants to play in the name of his country and spoke to him about his desire to contribute to the leadership of the Egyptian team for the podium, saying: Mohamed Salah told me: Why not We win the nations of Africa 3 times using the “About Generation” method.

Hani Ramzy said that preparing for the last African nations (Egypt 2019) was not good and was one of the reasons for the early exit from the championship that Algeria won its title, explaining that the team led by Ajiri at the time had to stick to his position rejecting the delay in the start of the team’s camp because this inaction was one of the reasons Failure to championship.

Hani Ramzy explained that the organization of the tournament in Egypt increased the pressure on the technical staff and the players, explaining that the list of the Egyptian team in the tournament did not have a consensus within the technical staff, as there were other names that required to be present in this important football event, such as Abdullah Gomaa, Amr Al-Sulayya and Ramadan Subhi and Mustafa Muhammad.


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