Mohammed Assaf: Umm Kulthum and Halim needed years to reach the public

Written by Yasser Ibrahim – Saturday 10 November 2018 23:55 – Mohammed Assaf: Umm Kulthum and Halim need years to reach the public

The Palestinian artist Mohammed Assaf said that Media Media has a great importance in his life because it has an important impact on everyone, underlining that Media Media has changed many concepts for human beings and has seen great artists like Umm Kulthum, Abdel Halim Hafez and Mohammed Abdel Wahab. That Media Media gave him and much of his generation the opportunity to reach faster and in a wider segment of the public.

Assaf said during the special appearance of the "Al-Ghad" program that "Media Media" helped him to spread rapidly and made the audience follow him, seeing that he is now more influential than the written press and the media visuals, emphasizing that these different sites have helped him to be influential, Emphasizing that he has about 10 million followers on Facebook, 3 million on Twitter and 4 million on Instagram.

Assaf explained that he likes the various social networking sites and likes to follow the public's reactions, emphasizing that one of the most important things that the artist has to do is try to gain public trust, emphasizing that although he has some goals personal as an artist, him.

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