The act of signing of adhesion of the City Council of Molina de Segura to the Comprehensive System of Spanish Tourism Quality of Destinations (SICTED) and delivery to the municipality of the Safe Tourism Seal diploma took place, today, Friday, September 18, in the Plenary Hall Town hall. The badge has been delivered by the Minister of Tourism, Youth and Sports of the Region of Murcia, Mara Cristina Snchez Lpez, to the Mayor of the town, Esther Clavero Mira. They were accompanied by the General Director of Tourist Competitiveness and Quality, Mara Esther Tenza Prez, and the Councilor for Tourism of the Municipality of Molinense, Andrs Martnez Cervantes.

The Integral System of Spanish Tourism Quality in Destinations (SICTED) is a program developed by the Secretary of State for Tourism, which aims at the integral and permanent management of quality in a tourist destination. The main objective is to achieve a homogeneous level of quality in the services offered to the tourist within that destination, encompassing both the tourist services themselves and those others that, without being strictly so, affect the tourist’s consumption itinerary.

The fundamental objectives of SICTED are:

Create a permanent structure for the management and promotion of quality in the destination.

Apply basic quality standards common to all tourism companies and services and specific ones depending on the corresponding subsector.

Recognize the effort of the project participants through the distinctive Tourism Quality Commitment.

Tourism Quality Commitment is a registered trademark owned by the Secretary of State for Tourism. Its use and application are the sole responsibility of this body. The coordination and collaboration of those responsible and beneficiaries of the brand guarantee its correct use. There are different versions of the brand, the most widespread being the Spanish-English version. The badge is valid for two years (although it is conditional on meeting the requirements of the corresponding cycle, including successfully passing the follow-up assessment) and is obtained once the entire distinction process has been passed.

According to the signed accession protocol, the Molina de Segura City Council undertakes to:

Guarantee the correct use of the SCTE Destinations (SICTED) methodology, owned by the Secretary of State for Tourism.

Take on the guidelines from your autonomous community regarding the SICTED at your destination.

Definition of objectives for the destination and for the SICTED. Analysis of deviations. Proposal of programs and corrective actions.

Provide resources, both human and financial, necessary for the correct implementation and development of the SICTED in the destination.

Ensure compliance with the guidelines for the use of the Tourism Quality Commitment brand by the Managing Body itself and by the establishments participating in the SICTED in their destination.

Configure and ensure the maintenance of the Destination Quality Board for the development of the functions assigned to it.

Provide value and support the actions of the destination manager.

Establish the scope and conditions of participation of public organizations and services in SICTED.

Incorporate the decisions of the Destination Quality Board into the destination management and facilitate their implementation (destination improvement projects).

Encourage business associations as going to comment on the integration and communication between the tourist companies / services of the destination.

Promote awareness and business communication towards quality, sustainability, accessibility, innovation, as well as any other aspect that affects the continuous and comprehensive improvement of the destination.

Periodic analysis of the project results and comparison with the objectives set. Information and transparency in the face of achievements and deviations.

Regarding the Safe Tourism Certified tourism seal, created by the Spanish Tourist Quality Institute (ICTE) as a guarantee and certification mark for the implementation of the Health Risk Prevention System against COVID-19, companies, organizations and tourist resources can voluntarily choose to incorporate it. after passing an audit to build trust with customers and tour operators. This seal is recognized as the one that represents the Spanish tourism sector as a whole in terms of the implementation of the Health Risk Prevention System against COVID-19.

The auditing companies that have been working with the Spanish Tourism Quality System, represented by the “Q” Mark, are the only ones recognized to carry out the audit, which covers 21 subsectors and a state geographic area.


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