Mom reveals how her eye fell from his grip after the morning shower


A mom opened up for the terrifying moment that her eyeball dropped from her hoof while on vacation.

Claire Willis, 45, heard a "pop" while stroking a towel in her face after leaving the shower.

He looked up to capture his reflection in the mirror moments later, fearing that his eyeball hung out of his grasp, The sun reported.

The mother of two, from Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs in central England, has since had to have part of her eye removed after the doctors discovered that she had pierced the cornea.

She had to quit her job as a cleaning lady for fear of scaring off children.

Claire said "it looked like an extra from The dead man walking"And he had to wait until his grip healed so he could get a prosthesis.

Her terrifying ordeal came when she least expected it, while on vacation in Turkey with her husband Timothy, 52, in July.

"Tim and I were getting ready in the hotel room to meet friends, and since it's very hot in Turkey, I took a shower to freshen up," Claire said.

"I was drying myself in the bathroom when I just felt this popping in the eye, followed by extremely blurred vision and excruciating pain.

"I thought my eyeball had actually jumped out of my grip, it was painful.

"I ran to the mirror and I couldn't see any blood or anything – it just looked red and sore and everything was blurred.

"Tim rushed me to a local hospital and a doctor told me I had punctured the cornea and I had to go back to the UK.

"I was devastated and I could not understand how my life had come to this or where to go from here."

Within hours, Claire was on a flight back to the UK with a huge bandage over her mediocre eye.

When she landed, Claire went directly to the Royal Stoke University Hospital, where the doctors were shocked to see how her eye had become infected during the flight.

His right eye was fused with the infection, forcing the doctors to close their eyelids to take a look at his eyeball, which had become completely yellow.

Claire spent the next nine days in the hospital while the doctors tried to fight the infection, but it didn't help and the amputation proposal was proposed.

"I felt so isolated in the hospital, and when they suggested the amputation, I was totally against the idea," he said.

"My father ended up convincing me to have an amputation of the eyeball.

"Although I was devastated by the idea, I suffered so much that I knew it had to be done.

"It was not possible to save my sight, but the surgeon decided to perform a partial removal of my eyeball rather than a complete one.

"He removed the center of the eye – the retina and the cornea – and inserted a cosmetic shell on the lens of the eye."

Claire's intervention was a success and she was allowed to return home only a day after the operation.

He had to keep the bandages for another week after the surgery, and only eight days after the removal did Claire manage to look in the mirror.

The shock of her new appearance was devastating, while Claire struggled to adapt to the idea of ​​living with a real eye for the rest of her life.

Speaking after the operation, he added: "After the bandages were removed, I had to cope with how I looked and reality struck me.

"I looked like an extra The dead man walkingand I even left the cleaning job in a school because of what it looked like: I didn't want to scare the children.

"I had anxiety problems in public, which in reality are not like me.

"I had to learn by myself how to deal with a semi-amputated eye – it was sticky on my eyelids and I was afraid to clean it if I threw out the cosmetic shell.

"However, I never hid the eye. I didn't wear sunglasses, I just wore everyday glasses and I know it's not forever, it's only until the prosthetic eye is fitted.

"I fought my demons and every day I went out, and slowly but surely, I started to feel more confident."

Claire is now struggling to get back on track after the trauma of losing her eye, but the adaptation has been difficult.

In a desperate attempt to not have the annual holidays taken so suddenly, Claire and Timothy rebooked the flights to Turkey as soon as they were allowed to fly.

The tragedy struck again when Thomas Cook announced their collapse just five days before they would have to fly on September 28th.

Devastated but determined, the couple is now looking for another vacation and fingers crossed for the third time lucky.

"I'm still in my cleaning job for the council, but I gave up my school cleaning job," Claire said.

"I was struggling mentally and physically and could no longer cope with two jobs.

"My eye is not yet ready to have a prosthesis mounted, so I just have to wait and stay like this until my grip has recovered enough, but I don't know when it will be.

"Timothy was a great help in all this, and our two sons, Ben, 22 and Daniel, 20, still live at home, so they helped me a lot at home."

An ophthalmologist at Royal Stoke University Hospital said: "This lady had particular circumstances that led to a thinner cornea than normal in her case."

This article originally appeared on The sun and has been reproduced with permission

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