Moments of Youth Dragging a Workmate’s Body Before Fajr Prayer, His Relaxing Way Becomes a Spotlight

TRIBUNJAKARTA.COM – The moments of a young man named sustenance (18) drag the body workmateit was caught on camera CCTV.

Which a few hours before, workmatethat one was just killed by sustenance in the shop where the two of them were staying at Jalan RS Fatmawati Raya, Cilandak, South JakartaMonday (27/6/2022).

Then, sustenance intends to throw his friend’s body into Pesanggrahan Times, South Jakarta.

Gestures sustenance seen through camera CCTV when he dragged the body workmateThe woman used the goods trolley at around 03:36 in the morning.

Launching from Instagram recording Jakarta, Rizki was seen wearing white clothes and Levis trousers.

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He walked backwards while pulling a trolley on top of which there was a large black plastic wrapped around his friend’s body, Apples.

Don’t look panicked sustenance rather calm and not in a hurry when ‘cleaning up’ his former crimes.

Had been seen in and out of shophouses, Rizki walked leisurely without looking like someone who had committed a murder.

Rizki when dragging his coworker’s body at dawn, Tuesday (28/6/2022). ( Furqon Hakim/Ig Recordjakarta)

Suddenly, just move sustenance This invites netizens to ask in the comments column.

“It’s a mess, people can be calm, naturally,” wrote the account @muhammad_akbar **

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