Mona Farouk watches the humiliating video crying and asking for the jacket – Video


The Egyptian actress Mona Farouk appeared for the first time in a video clip to show her scandal after the publication of pornographic clips by her and Shaima El Hajj with director Khaled Youssef.

Muna expressed his deep remorse and said that his life turned into a hell after the video was leaked, his mother was bleeding and his brother was fired.

He said: "I would be associated with someone who has loved me so much in recent times, I have loved and taught me to read the Koran and prayer, we have become used to sitting down every day during the last period, he wanted to connect with me and travel far from all over the world, now I know if he left me or not).

Mona asked the audience not to circulate the video, saying: "Whoever covers a Muslim in this world will see God in the other".

Mona Farouk mind because his brother looked yesterday like his mother! Strange stories of hypocrisy!

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