Monaco / McGraw-Graben / A995: Flixbus in full fire – central ring completely blocked – traffic jam | Obergiesing-Fasangarten –


A Flixbus is in full bloom in the McGraw ditch. The area is closed on a large area. A major operation is underway.

Update, 13:32: More photos of the McGraw trench operation:

Large deployment: Flixbus burns completely – central ring blocked – images

Update, 13:10: A video of our Facebook user Christian Eder shows the giant smoke plume shortly after the outbreak of the fire. According to Christian Eder, there had also been a loud bang before.

Update, clock 11.44

The fire is extinct, reports the Munich firefighters at the time. The cleaning work is underway. The 36 passengers could be saved unharmed.

According to firefighters, a structural engineer will also be called. Apparently it is still unclear how bad the damage to the bridge on the burn bus fails.

First report, clock 10.33

Munich – A major operation is currently running in the McGraw ditch at the end of A995. A Flixbus is completely on fire there. Firefighters, rescuers and police are on duty.

The area is closed on a large area. According to a recent Twitter message from the Munich police, 36 bus travelers were able to leave the bus. Even the side streets around the height of the McGraw-Fitch center ring are locked. The mission is working.

Great Flixbus fire in the McGraw ditch: residents should close doors and windows

Firefighters experience strong smoke developments. Residents should keep windows and doors closed.

So far, there are no reports of injuries.


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