Moncloa is now showing coldness regarding the investiture of Pedro Sánchez in the midst of a traffic jam with Puigdemont: "If it goes ahead…"

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Weird atmosphere. The deal was expected at the end of last week and has not yet been finalized. The pact between the PSOE and Junts is muddied by the wording of the paragraph of the future law that addresses the scope of forgiveness, the perimeter. Some “technical issues” that the negotiating teams try to overcome, without result, in Brussels and in Madrid, who have had open communication these days, exchanging proposals and writings, but without reaching an understanding. The days go by, concern increases in the PSOE, protests take place in front of the socialist headquarters and in The Moncloa Coldness is now being staged regarding the investiture of Pedro Sánchez.

“We would hope that in the next legislature, if the investiture goes ahead and there is a new government as we wish…”, was the reflection of Isabel Rodríguez, spokesperson for the Executive, after the meeting of the Minister council.

A staging in which, at least publicly, a glass of cold water is poured, when the approach in the presidential complex is that there was certainty that there would be a Government. “There will be a Government”, “as soon as possible” was the wish. Own Sánchez He has stated on more than one occasion that the citizens’ mandate on 23-J, among other issues, was that there be no electoral repetition.

But the last hours of the negotiation between socialists and independentists did not manage to unravel the dialogue. The legal teams of both parties are working on it. “We keep talking” is the lifeline that PSOE and Junts cling to to keep their aspirations alive: some the investiture, others the erasure of their crimes. “We continue negotiating,” say sources from both sides of the negotiation when asked, emphasizing that, perhaps, this is the best news. That nothing has been broken, despite the tensions.

“We continue exchanging roles, in a very technical negotiation in which the legal advisors of both parties review everything and that makes it take longer,” say socialist sources familiar with the negotiation. Although work continues, when the sun was beginning to set in Brussels, negotiation sources anticipated that there would be no news. “Nothing,” they said. Again, wait. Again, to add another day.

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