Moncloa raises optimism despite Puigdemont’s demands and Page emerges to lead the critics

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Among the so-called emojis that exist to reply to messages with faces, there is one with a zipper as a mouth. It is the one that is most used these days in the PSOE. Closed mouth. Silence. “We must be discreet and prudent,” repeat the socialist ministers. “The negotiation must be protected so that everything goes well,” say sources involved in it. But although the threat of a repeat election is still on the table, the socialists do not want to send the ballot box emoji with the ballot. Although they do not have 100% certainty, they remain confident that there are more options for investiture than for elections.

“The president overflows with optimism,” government sources confirm about Sánchez’s position on the investiture. «He has full confidence and we have full confidence in him. “He is very stubborn,” maintain socialist sources. He himself signed it from Brussels. He had to be in the European capital because on Tuesday at the presentation of the pact with Sumar no questions were allowed. «The relevant, the important thing about what happened yesterday [por la firma del pacto PSOE-Sumar] “We have the investiture ever closer.” He made no mention of the demand for Carles Puigdemont to recognize the “Catalan nation” in a parallel agreement to the amnesty.

“Although it is established that this is difficult, I see few possibilities of repetition because Puigdemont would lose a great opportunity,” state government sources. «It will be forced and an agreement will be reached. With a lot of small print,” socialist sources diagnose.

Within that “discretion” and “prudence”, however, there are touches that show the conviction in Sánchez’s hard core that it is possible that “there will be a government.” “What the principle of reality of the polls marks is that the support of other political formations is needed, which I desire and I hope can be achieved in the coming days,” he stated. Maria Jesus Montero, Minister of Finance and one of the negotiators of the PSOE. A temporary limitation, “in the coming days”, which shows the belief in the PSOE and Sumar that their Government pact can precipitate others “in a cascade” with the nationalists. Also with Junts.

Sánchez himself considers that among the “mandates of citizens” on July 23 is that “there be no electoral repetition.”

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